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Leather Lace

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Deerskin Lacing On Spools From Kentucky Leather and Hides

Deerskin Lacing On Spools
Deerskin Lacing
1/8" x 50 Feet
Continuous-Length Spools

$15 per spool

1/4" x 25 Feet
Continuous-Length Spools

$20 per spool

(See Color Chart At Bottom of Page For Basic Colors)

Colors: Smoke, Gold, Saddle, Whiskey, Dark Brown, Black, Red, Purple, Pink

Tejas Pro Lace from Kentucky Leather and HidesTejas Pro Lace

Tejas Pro Lace BrownTejas Pro Lace BlackAvailable in 3/32" or 1/8" Widths
50 Yard Spools
Tan Black or Dark Brown

$20 Each
Or 3 Spools for $50

You Want Leather Lace?
Buy Direct From KL&H!


In Spools & Strings
See Below!

Suede Cowhide Lacing from Kentucky Leather and Hides

Cowhide Lacing On Spools

1/4" Suede Cowhide Lacing
(Photo Above) 1/4" x 25 Feet Continuous-Length Spools
$12 per spool

 (Photos Below)
1/8" x 50 Feet Continuous-Length Spools
$8 per spool

(Please Call for Color Availability)

Available Colors
Purple  Lime  Green  Pink  Cobalt  Blue Turquoise Red White  Medium Brown  Beige  Rust  Dark Brown Black

Deer Lacing

You Won't Find A Better Deal On
 1/8-inch 6-foot Long Deer Lacing

$3 each or 25 for $50!

Latigo Lace Strings

Even-cut Lace

5-6 oz. Chrome Tan Cowhide       

1/8"  3/32"  5/32" widths.           
  Up to 50 inches in length  Average

Price: $15.00 per bundle or 2 bundles for $25.00


Odd-cut Lace

              Odd cuts vary in width, and are up to 40 inches in length, average.

5-6 oz. Chrome Tan Cowhide

Price: $10 per bundle



Rawhide Lace

               1/8"    wide                                                                  1/4"   wide                                                                 1/2" wide  

                                                                                       All Bundles Are 50 feet long
                        $15.00                                                                             $20.00                                                                      $25.00

About Our
Leathers and Colors

The all natural beauty and patina of leather will vary according to the characteristics of the original hide and the type of processing used to manufacture it. Therefore, colors and hues will vary slightly, and the color guide at left is a guideline. Your computer or phone monitor may show slightly different hues, as well. But one thing we can guarantee is that the colors are always beautiful! Specific colors subject to availability. All leathers and products featured on this Website are made in The USA.

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