ARTIFICIAL DEER SINEW ( six colors ) 1/2 lb spool

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This is artificial sinew. 

ARTIFICIAL DEER SINEW - 300 yards / 900' 70# Test

Artificial Sinew looks and works 
just like Authentic Deer Sinew!

Here is just what you need for those craft projects, such as Native American Dream Catchers, primitive knives, drums, arrows, or anything else that needs a Sinew to complete! 
A wax covered polyester with the LOOK and FEEL of Real Sinew!

This is a Very High Quality Product!
 This is the heavy weight (70 pound) Sinew used in most weaving projects,
 such as gourd rims, Dream-Catchers, Baskets,
 and other leather craft projects!

It can Easily be split into smaller strands, 
but I do offer lighter weights in other auctions for those purposes.

You will get a full 1/2 pound roll of 300 Yards (900 feet) 70 # Test
Rolls are about 4 inches tall and 2  1/2 inches across