Tooling leather/ natural un dyed leather / veg tanned/ carving and stamping leather

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Tooling leather/ natural undyed leather / veg tanned/ carving and stamping leather

the hide may also had a brand or a holes in them.

Tooling leathers are vegetable tanned because this method creates the exact grain surface conditions needed to receive carving and stamping tool impressions. Vegetable tanned leather absorbs water readily and dries out quickly because the fiber structure is less compact than that of chrome tanned leather. Tooling leather is full grain, meaning the hair has been removed and the original grain remains. Only full grain, vegetable tanned leather will absorb water and tool correctly. Hide sizes average 20 to 22 sq. ft. Holes, scares and range marks will vary between hides.  The all natural beauty and patina of leather will vary according to the characteristics of the original hide and the type of processing used to manufacture it.