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About custom orders.

Answered by Mike and Penny Wayne
We do a few custom orders, like lace cutting, straps and some clothes making. We ask that you call in those custom orders as we don’t have means to do this on the website. We do custom lace cutting out of deer, elk, buffalo, and cow. We do 3 sizes at the moment, 1/8, 1/4, and 1/2 in lace cutting. We can do them by 3 ft. , 6 ft., spools, or continuous. The spools that come in 1/8″ will have 50 ft on a spool, 1/4″ will have 25 ft on a spool. If you are wanting a custom Strap order, we can do many sizes and lengths. We cut straps out of full grain cow, oil tan and vegetable tan cow. Like I said any custom orders please call Mike or Penny Wayne so they can go over your order and get it out for you.

Also Penny Wayne does do custom deerskin clothing, you will have to call her and go over what you are needing with her. Most orders may be a month or two out as she has many jobs she is doing. Penny makes buckskin pants, vest, leather skirts, gun cases and dresses.

What are the different thickness and pieces of a hide?

Answered by Mike and Penny Wayne

Here is a chart to help you with thicknesses and pieces of hides.

What is the difference between elk and deer?

Answered by Mike and Penny Wayne

Elk hides are usually larger hides averaging 20 to 30 sq. ft., they come in a 4 to 5 oz. weight and are good for clothing, bags, lace and moccasins. The hides do have some stretch to them. The deer hides are averaging 8 to 12 sq. ft., they come in 3 1/2 oz weight. Great for making clothes, bags, lacing, fringe and much more. Very soft and supple and the elk and deer come in many colors.

Are your hides sold by the square feet or by the piece?

Answered by Mike and Penny Wayne

Our hides are mostly sold by the hide, the square feet is marked on the back of each hide as it has been measured at the tannery. We do offer some smaller pieces like bellies and double shoulders by the pieces. All elk, deer, buffalo and others are sold by the hide, we put the square feet in the listings and usually measure the hides with a tape measure so you know the width and length of the hides.

What is the Different types of tanning processes?

Question answered by: Penny and Michael Wayne

There are quite a few different processes in tanning, Chrome, Vegetable, Alum and Brain Tan. Chrome tan is made to be a weathered leather and is tanned with a chromium acid, so this will rust metals. Not a great leather for making gun and knife sheaths, it can be used but oil the leather well inside and out and don’t store metal objects for a long period of time. Vegetable tan is a natural tanning, this leather works for holsters and sheaths, also great for tooling, stamping, forming and dyeing. Alum tan is usually used for furs and hair on hides. Brain tan is an old way of tanning, it is using the brains of the animals. All natural and is used for beading and quill work.

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